Amanda Duma

Amanda Mandisa Duma

Junior Production Manager

Amanda was the top student in her major module (Audio Visual Production) at the Boston Media House in 2015.

Amanda kicked off her career in the production industry as a Content Producer for Jozi FM, South Africa’ largest community radio station. It was during this time that her passion for media emerged.

In 2014 she joined Another Take on Media (ATM) Enterprise. Here she got behind a camera, learning the ins and outs of basic camera work and was also exposed to the vibrant world of marketing and PR.

As a Junior Production Manager for Kaelo, Amanda is in charge of managing shoots, liaising with clients as well as assisting Kaelo’s on-location crew. She can also be found behind the camera and providing editing support.

Her strengths lie in close relationships with others but also enjoys competition – always strives to win first place and revel in contests. She often likes to collect and archive all kinds of information and craves to know more. Amanda is very empathic and is always positive.

In the Kaelo office, Amanda is well known for her elegant and stylish fashion sense as well as her kind and caring attitude towards her team members and clients.